Wire and cable is an indispensable basic equipment for the transmission of electric energy, the transmission of information, the manufacture of various motors, instruments and instruments, and the realization of electromagnetic energy conversion, and it is also a necessary basic product in the future electrified and information society. 

Wire and cable is called the nerve and blood of the national economy. As a supporting industry of the national economy, it is really omnipresent and widely used, involving electric power, construction, communications, manufacturing and other industries. It is closely related to all sectors of the national economy. 

The quality of wires and cables is more related to the healthy development of the national economy, which is because wires and cables are so widely used and the status is so important. 

If the wire and cable industry wants to develop healthily, it must first solve the quality problem of the quality management of wire and cable enterprises. Improving the product quality of wire and cable enterprises is of great practical significance to promote the healthy development of wire and cable enterprises and improve the quality of economic operation and national quality of life in our country. 

In order to improve the product quality of wire and cable enterprises, we must arm wire and cable enterprises with scientific quality management theories and methods. 

Juran quality helix model characterizes the whole process and regularity of product quality formation. 

The whole process includes 13 links, namely, market research, product development, design, production technology preparation, manufacturing planning, procurement, test instrument configuration, manufacturing, process control, inspection, testing, sales, and after-sales service. These 13 links constitute a system. 

The realization of the system goal depends on the implementation of the quality function of each link and the coordination between each link. The mistake of any link will lead to the decline of product quality and the increase of cost. 

The application of quality management model is helpful to the quality management of wire and cable production process, and enhance the quality functions of various functional departments in production management, such as control, guidance, participation and so on. 

The quality management of wires and cables involves all aspects, from design to production, and then to after-sales service. 

First of all, let's talk about the quality management in the process of wire and cable design. 

The process of wire and cable design includes collecting product intelligence, conducting market research, market forecasting, and investigation and analysis of internal and external production conditions; sample design stage; sample trial production stage, this stage includes trial production preparation and trial production, trial production appraisal two work contents; small batch trial production stage; and batch production stage. 
In the past, people often mistakenly believed that as long as the inspection was strictly carried out, the quality of the products could be guaranteed. 

Later, people realized that the product quality is not tested, but made in the production process. 

In this way, people's thinking has made a leap in the understanding of product quality. 

The product quality is designed. 

Practice has fully shown that the design quality of products is congenital internal quality. 

This is another leap in people's understanding of product quality. 

The collection and analysis of quality information technology and quality information are the basis for the development of new products, which are closely related to the success or failure of new products. 

Enterprises should establish technical intelligence and quality information systems to comprehensively and uniformly manage and use all kinds of technical information and quality information. 

Formulate quality objectives, which are generally put forward in the "quality plan" and specifically reflected in the "scheme design". 

Quality evaluation activities, which is a key function in product design and development quality management activities. 

Quality evaluation activities run through the whole process of product design and development. 

The purpose of quality cost analysis and quality cost analysis is to reduce the cost of new products and obtain better economic benefits on the premise of achieving the quality goal of new products. 

Fifth, the arrangement of "early alarm", the development of products, the use of certain review, test, analysis, evaluation and other methods, as a means to know that the fault occurred, known as "early alarm". 

Quality management in the process of wire and cable production is also very important. 

The quality control of wire and cable production process is verified and inspected according to the requirements of production plan, process flow card and operation rules, and there are various forms of inspection. 

Inspection of the first or previous products processed at the beginning of each shift or after a change in the process. 

Generally, 3-5 pieces of continuous production should be inspected, and the follow-up products can not be processed until they are qualified. 

Itinerant inspection is the full inspection of the workshop process by the quality inspector. it is considered that the frequency inspection of important processes and materials can be strengthened, and the problems occur in an instant. 

Example: when the worker is doing the normal production of the stranded wire, the inspector measures the outer diameter of the conductor and finds that the outer diameter of the conductor is reduced, then the inspector should keep in mind the process rules and so on, and the time has come. 

If the outer diameter becomes smaller, causing the resistance to exceed the standard, the worker should be stopped to check whether it is caused by the small diameter of the monofilament or by the equipment, because the first piece of inspection meets the requirements. 

Find out the reason, carry on the classified statistics, improve. 

Therefore, it is still necessary to urge the operators to be familiar with the process regulations and check the implementation. If the itinerant inspection is not timely, it will also cause batch disqualification. 

The after-sales service quality management of wires and cables is also important. 

It is difficult to define the service quality, and the fundamental reason lies in the particularity of the service itself. people's grasp of the service quality is subjective, which makes it difficult to define the service quality uniformly. 

Its particularity is shown in that service is an intangible product with non-physical nature, and the production, exchange and consumption of services are simultaneous. 

Based on these characteristics, the following points should be considered when defining service quality: service quality must be a measure of the satisfaction of service needs; service quality must be different from physical quality; service quality must reflect the essential attributes of service; service quality is mainly related to the subjective feelings of customers; service quality includes the evaluation of services by service providers. 

If any industry wants to improve the level of development, it must ensure product quality, so to enhance the ability of management innovation, it is necessary to improve the standard quality of products and lay a solid foundation for ensuring product quality. 
On the one hand, although the enterprise quality management system is established, on the other hand, it should be constantly improved. 

Constantly improving the quality management system is the eternal subject of enterprise standardization.